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Business Assessment

Using proprietary employee surveys and data analysis, Envision Group’s custom Business Assessment Tool can help you troubleshoot and resolve the performance issues in your organization. Most problems are caused not by non-performing individuals but by circumstances in the business environment that may not even be visible to you.

Think about the following questions about information, processes and capabilities, and rewards and consequences, in both the environment, and at the individual level. They represent the information we collect, analyze and report on to help you resolve performance issues.

Root Cause Grid

Data, Information, Feedback

Are the data sources your people use accurate, accessible, and timely?
Are they consistent with other data sources inside the company?
Do your people suffer from too much wrong information?
People can’t do their jobs well if they don't have good information.

Environment Support, Resources, Tools

Do your people know what to do if they can’t resolve a problem?
Do they know how to improve their own processes?
Do those who make decisions affecting your people understand how your people work?
Your people are making decisions and taking actions all of the time. Make sure they are the right ones.

Consequences, Incentives, Rewards

Are your key initiatives tracked by measuring their effectiveness?
Do you know what your optimum performance metrics are?
Are your metrics well communicated and tied to financial incentives?
Measuring performance is impossible without good metrics.

Knowledge and Skills

Do your people have access to training materials when they need them?
Do they have the necessary job aides to support complex or critical activities?
Do they have all the necessary technical skills?
People can’t do their jobs well if they are not well trained.

Individual Capacity

Are important procedural changes effectively communicated?
Is feedback immediate, specific, and focused on behaviors that can be changed?
Do you regularly solicit and listen to employee concerns?
People thrive with good communication and feedback.

Motivation and Expectation

Can you easily identify the best performers in your area?
Are your best performers rewarded for the results they deliver?
Have clear and measurable performance standards been communicated?
People are effectively motivated by rewards and recognition.

Business Assessment Tool

Envision Group will utilize its proprietary Business Assessment Tool, which starts as a survey, to identify the heart of the performance problem.



We will work with you to analyze and understand the results in terms of information, processes and capabilities, and rewards and consequences. Then together we prioritize solutions based on cost and impact to ensure that you get the most efficient and effective approach .