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Mobile Learning

Some implementations of mobile learning are no-brainers, like the extension of an e-learning curriculum to the iPad with tools like Articulate Storyline, or the conversion of user manuals and technical documents to ebook format so they can be read on tablets and smart phones.

iPad mobile learning

Achieving the potential of mobile learning in other ways is much less obvious. In fact, the American Society for Training & Development, in their 2012 study Mobile Learning: Delivering Learning in a Connected World, found that while 88 percent of business and learning professionals said that mobile technologies will improve learning in the organization over the next three years, only four percent knew of any content currently available on mobile devices.

How have mobile technologies been successfully leveraged? Airlines are providing pilots with iPad-enabled digital flight manuals. Tablets are great for field sales presentations and as a way to educate sales representatives. Tablets are also utilized by maintenance technicians onsite as a source of technical documentation and also as a means to take photos and video, and interact with staff resources to diagnose and make repairs.

Smart phones are best utilized for performance support, delivering small, contextualized chunks of information on an as-needed basis. This includes use of searchable knowledge bases, update alerts, calendars, to do lists, reminders, checklists, videos, podcasts, job aids, and assessments. Like tablets, smart phones also support interactivity, with their ability to capture information via photos and video.

If you are thinking of incorporating mobile into your learning strategy, please shoot us an email or give us a call. We can help you sort out the possibilities, and leverage the power that mobile can bring to your learning strategy today.