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Video Production

With our video production capabilities, we can help you take advantage of the ongoing shift in the market from primarily instructor-led training to a more Web/multi-media-based learning. Either as a stand-alone project or as integrated into a learning solution, video brings an immediacy to learning that's hard to beat.

Great for Internal Communications

Video is a great (if underutilized) tool for internal communications. Everyone has one or all of the following—a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone—and video is accessible on all of them. It is also so much more engaging than workbooks or documents.

You can easily incorporate video in ongoing training initiatives, in corporate messaging, and in communications related to strategic change. Why send a letter from the CEO to your employees when you can link to a video? From compliance training, human resources training, and product and sales training to any manner of strategic or executive messaging, video is a powerful way to go.

Part of a Complete Learning Solution

Envision Group isn’t just another video production company. To every video project we do, we bring years of training expertise. Our instructional designers will integrate the video into your learning solution and make sure your messaging is in alignment. For example, it’s one thing to produce an interview in a technically expert manner. It’s another thing to do it guided by an instructional designer familiar with your learning solution who participates in the scripting, the pre-production efforts, and the post-production editing.

We can not only lead your video projects from pre-production through post, but utilize our training expertise to integrate them as appropriate into your complete learning solution. And remember that video does not cost what it used to! Video is now just as accessible as e-learning, and in some cases more affordable.

Please take a moment to view a sample of our video production work and contact us today to talk about how we might help you leverage the power of video in your learning strategy.