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Live Training

Live training can happen in the traditional instructor-led classroom setting with a facilitator guiding a group of participants, or over the Web in an instructor-led Webinar.


There is nothing like a real instructor in a real classroom face to face with real participants. If the instructors are available, if there is a small enough number of people to be trained, and if they are in the same place or willing to travel, then instructor-led training is a great option. It also is the best option if the audience is computer-averse or has limited computer access.


A Webinar is a combination of pure e-learning and traditional instructor-led training. This online learning environment tries as much as possible to copy what goes on in a classroom, even though it is delivered over the Web. The participants are not together physically, but they are all online at the same time, and gain the benefit of the virtual presence of the instructor as well as the other participants.

Webinars can provide the benefits of the traditional classroom to large numbers of people without incurring the usual costs (facilities, travel expenses, etc.) and logistical inconveniences. They can also be recorded for later viewing.

The opportunities are limitless, as are the approaches to custom learning solutions. Of course any of our approaches can be blended into a single learning solution, making the possibilities even more interesting!