A Very Cool Presentation Tool

One of my favorite tools these days is an online tool (also usable offline) called Prezi. It provides an easy way to collaborate, create, and share great-looking presentations with other people anywhere. Imagine being able to take the animation capabilities of a tool like After Effects, and the presentation possibilities of PowerPoint, and merge them into one easy-to-use program!

The first thing that stood out about Prezi is how interactive it is and how it allows me to work in a non-linear fashion with my presentation. Sometimes I get ideas when I’m working on a project, but if certain aspects of the project are not yet complete, it can be hard to move forward with that new idea. With Prezi, if an idea pops into my head, I can easily move to that part of the presentation, or at least start to create my idea right there and save it for later.

With so many different templates to choose from and the capabilities to upload your own designs, Prezi allows you to easily make your presentation stand out from the usual one-dimensional slide show. The learning curve is simple as well. You simply click where you want to make your edits and move your images where you would like them to appear. You can easily manipulate your Prezi to add images, videos, music, and more. I never thought I would say this, but it is actually kind of fun making presentations now that I use Prezi.

Here are a couple very short videos on Prezi, and a link to the Web site. Check it out!