Making Webinars Successful

Webinars are a combination of pure e-learning and traditional instructor-led training. In a virtual classroom, the learning is instructor-led over the Web. Participants are not physically in one place, but they all are online at the same time as the instructor and also get the benefit of each other’s virtual presence. Virtual classrooms can provide the benefits of the traditional classroom to large numbers of people without incurring the usual costs (e.g., facilities, travel expenses, etc.) and logistical inconveniences.

However, for a virtual classroom solution to work, as much classroom interaction as possible should be replicated online. Instructors and participants should be able hear each other, via streaming of audio over the Web or via a phone hookup. Ideally, the instructor would also be seen (and even the participants if they so choose) via Webcam.

Participants should also be able to see the presentation and materials, and any live additions the instructor chooses to make. Instructors and participants should be able to communicate, either with public question and answer periods or with filtered questions via some form of chat (e.g., IM). Virtual classes are also easily recorded and can be viewed at any time and are not limited by the size of a physical class.

The opportunities are limitless, as are the alternative approaches to custom learning solutions. Of course any of these approaches can be blended in any way in a single learning solution, making the possibilities even more interesting!

As Envision works with you to assess your training needs and create a custom training solution, we will help you select the learning approach that gets you the best bang for your buck.