How to Enhance your Training with Mid-Range Videos

In our last post, we discussed how to create Quick and Easy Videos that could be used in sales, marketing, and training. Today, we are going to discuss taking it up a notch and producing a mid-range video that requires a higher budget, but produces a high-quality video that can really bring your program to the next level.

Videos like this one are great for instructional, marketing, and course development purposes, and a majority of our clients choose to record their videos using this format. If you are looking to add video to your eLearning course, these types are great for adding content and a more branded touch to the training. These mid-range videos are shot with a limited crew (1–2 people usually), and involve a bit more equipment and time.

These videos might consist of multiple subjects and discuss a wide range of topics. B-Roll footage might be shot to add additional content to the video. All of it would be done with one or two professional cameras, microphones, and lights operated by our videographers. Depending on the complexity, we might include a producer to help guide the production and make sure that all key points are captured. These videos can usually be shot in a day, and rarely exceed more than one location.

Pre-production is key for videos like this one. You want to have your location already scoped out prior to shooting, and you need to verify that your subject is prepared for any questions that might be asked. If you decide to shoot with two cameras, one will be set up to capture a wide shot and one will be set up to capture a close-up. This helps the editor have options of camera angles to use during editing. It also allows him or her to edit out mistakes or long pauses that the subject might make.

Our third post in this series will discuss large-scale videos and everything that goes into creating something that will have a visual impact and be the main focus of your development process. Keep following us on Twitter at @EnvisionGroupC for updates.